Wodan and the Rose Of Ice    

Wodan awoke to the call of the birds flying south for the winter.He sighed

and smiled, another perfect day to explore!He loved to explore the rocky

caves filled with crystal, glinting at every angle possible.But today something

stood out from the blue and white picture he always saw.It was something

red,something that glowed with life in the lifeless tundra of gysers and old

rocks.As wodan approached he became puzzled,what was this stange

unknown thing? But,however strange it was,it was beautiful!He called to his

sister Snowflake,in a few seconds she came trotting clumsily head over


heels . Her long,silky creamy white mane glowed."Do you know what this

is ?" he asked."UH no she answered softly measuring every word.'' So Wodan

decided to ask Sara." The next day he went to her palace,he had never seen

Sara but the adult horses always pestered her with questions,requests,and

just some important things.As Wodan approached the grand palace he

became stunned!All the walls were lined with beautiful jewels and rosenthal.

Each tiny detail was beautifuly done.Wodan saw tons of pretty colorful things

in the earth,but none were like his.Sadly Wodan got in line and waited for his

turn,what if he will never find out what that thing is?The Grownup horses

laughed at Wodan. He knew he was small and this was an importanat

place,but he desperately wanted to know what that thing was! The anouncer

came out of the the main room and smiled,at least she seemed nice! But then

the most surprising thing happend...as clear as day she said..."Now,Sara will

conference with WODAN!"

 Wodan was stunned,"M-m-m me?" He studdered,'' Yes you, smiled the

anouncer with a loving smile,please come in.The giant jeweled doors sung

open letting Wodan in and keeping the looks of the confused horses behing

him out,they should have known better! Sara sat onder a great canopy of

orchids and tulips, then she noticed what wodan was looking at...the

flowers!''Wodan I happen to know you found something you have never seen

before..." Sara smiled. "Y-y-y-yes" said Wodan stammered."Is it red?" Asked

Sara smiling. ''How do you know?'' Wodan widened his eyes. Sara laughed

"Oh Wodan you have found an Ice Rose those are REALLY rare! "And those

things above your head.."  "Those are flowers!"       When Wodan went home

he knew everything about flowers thatnks to his new friend Sara!

















Amor and the two swans!


Amor's life was almost perfect!he lived in the manson of love,had a beautiful family,and was clever but wise in a

way. Wherever he went the petals of true love fell from his hooves and danced to the ground like little

ballerinas! If these petals fell on two people standing together  they instantly fell in love. If his magestic lace 

touched a horse of human the rest of their day would be as happy as  a cupid's! It would seem to you that Amor

is well equipped and can make anyone happy,but one day he was strolling through the dappled sunlight when

he came upon a crystal lake that reflected the world above ,its magestic waters swirling in a spiral at the touch

of a tiny leaf.And its Butterflies sat nervously,ready to get up and float is the gentle breeze letting it warm their

wings.On the lake sat two silky,unbelievable swans,still as a painting they sat on the water.They talked of life of

their lake and of how splendid their perfect feathers were.Suddenly they broke into an arguement of whose

feathers were better,as if ripping the perfect painting that was there a second ago,they splashed water a

honked angrily.As usual Amor knew what to do.He flew over the two swans and let the graceful petals do their

work,but,when they touched the swans they argued even more!!He flew low and let his lace brush past them

but the lace didn't help at all!Amor told the swans to stop arguing but the just told him the it was their

business.Amor asked how he could help but the swans told him the only way was to judge them on beauty!

Amor did not know what to say but he knew how he can get away fast! He complimented the two swans until

they were flattered,then he said,''true beauty is love,without love you can never be beautiful.''         The swans

were shocked!But wanted to win the contest so they apoligized to each other and began talking about how nice

it was to have a friend,they completely forgot about Amor!The next day,Sara called Amor over.Amor was as

nevous as a butterfly!When Amor arrived SAara smiled thinly and said ''well said Amor,well said'' Bella and I

were the two swans,and love is priceless in beauty!" She awarded him  and made him the official king of love!

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